Maritime Cleaning Solutions

We are 12+ years in business, and during that time, our maritime focus has evolved into strictly military, commercial, or large vessels that need coatings removal. Our military maritime projects are vast. All military photos are forbidden, as are descriptions of those projects.

Commercially speaking, we offer advanced cleaning and stripping technology for your marina, bulkhead, docks, yacht bottoms, engine rooms, or interiors.

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Other specialized marinas cleaning and stripping jobs are available from
Dry Ice Blasting of Westchester, LLC. An example would be a commercial barge cleaning or underwater bulkhead cleaning of corroded steel bulkheads. We will clean and restore it with no problem. We will provide complete removal of rust, old coatings, and marine life.

Our use of a natural, chemical-free, environmentally inert media means that there is
no harm to the environment and no special containment is required in most cases. Our equipment is configured to be hoisted aboard or operated from the dock for normal ongoing onboard maintenance to the largest refitting projects. Confined spaces present no problems.

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Each project is different and will require some analysis to determine which of our blasting technologies is best suited for the job at hand, i.e., barnacles on the prop, interior cleaning, bottom paint stripping down to the gel coat (but NOT THE GELCOAT!).

The Cold Jet System® can eliminate tenting because its low dispersal cleaning stream is highly controlled. Old paint and anti-fouling simply drop to the ground under the boat instead of generating clouds of contaminants, as happens with sand and soda blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting of Westchester, LLC is the smart choice for any commercial vessel, boat owner, or marina manager for stripping, cleaning, and painting! We clean. We strip. You paint!

Older technologies, such as soda blasting or chemical application, are simply not comparable. Whether you are a Cruise Ship company that needs to do some onboard dry ice cleaning when in port or you own a yacht that needs an overhaul from top to bottom, we are a full-service boat blasting company.

Got barnacles? Need your motor, galley, or entertainment space cleaned thoroughly? We do that!

Call us for details at (914) 723-5727.

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Top-side galley cleaning, electronics, rust removal, etc., can be done effectively since we use several media blasting techniques depending on the type of coating being removed. What is certain is that there is no job that we can’t do. And we do it fast and cleanly. We are
extremely meticulous.

Cold Jet’s family of products, whether dry ice blasting or glass blasting using The Farrow System®, or The Clearblast system, were developed with complete, effective cleaning in mind.